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Prince - ‘I Would Die 4 U’


Myrna Loy + nose scrunch

At the beginning of her career Myrna Loy´s turned-up nose was not as famous yet, rather infamous. She had a little bone on the side of her nose, which cast a shadow in certain lights. This drove the cameramen crazy "because they never knew when it would appear. They’d see the rushes, groan, ‘There’s that thing again,’ and have to retake the scene. It looked like a tiny smudge on my nose. I mean you could hardly see it, but that’s how far the mania for perfection went." So she was often called in for retakes and since those are rather expensive she was once called in by the makeup department who announced that they maybe would fix her nose. "I was horrified. I used to be known as ‘The Nose’ for goodness’ sake—thousands of women went to plastic surgeons to have it duplicated.  I said, ‘Never! Nobody’s touching this nose!’ and got out of there fast.” And she was true. She had the most famous and sought-after nose of the 1930s and women would regularly go to plastic surgeons go get “a nose like Myrna Loy”.


Barbra Streisand

Sunset Blvd (1950)


David Bowie, 1967

Gooble Gobble, Gooble Gobble………………………. “Freaks” (1932) dir. by Tod Browning


David Bowie, 1977.

1920s Dresses (via)


Gene Simmons on stage.

Happy Birthday Marlon Brando

(April 3, 1924 – July 1, 2004)

"I paint myself because I am so often alone and because I am the subject I know best."

 Frida Kahlo by Nickolas Muray, 1939 (via)


Two brown bears riding a bicycle and side car, 1928


© Alexa Alyssa Aufmkolk

watercolor on canvas

2,10*3 m

Beaumont de Pertuis, 2013.

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